In a time of R&B and its feared waning came Teddy Riley. The singer, songwriter, and record producer took the reigns and gave the genre a new lifeline. The former Guy and Blackstreet member is credited for keeping R&B relevant in the midst of hip hop’s rise. 


Riley was born in the Harlem section of New York. Raised in hip hop’s stomping grounds, Riley cultivated a sense for the sound and its possibilities. Equipped with an incredible ear and his uncle’s studio, Riley used his understanding of both hip hop and R&B, and fused it into the notable “New Jack Swing” style. 


Riley's work with Guy pioneered the new R&B style, which had been showcased previously in Riley's productions for Keith Sweat ("I Want Her"), Johnny Kemp ("Just Got Paid"), Bobby Brown ("My Prerogative”). His contribution to R&B was seismic, so much that he continues to create and reinvent the sound for different countries, such as South Korea.


Notable Productions and Recognitions

  • Grammy award winner for Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical- Michael Jackson’s Dangerous album
  • Produced Big Daddy Kane's "I Get The Job Done”
  • Produced the album track "Teeth" with Lady Gaga for her EP The Fame Monster.
  • Wrote and produced “Demon", an English track for Korean K-pop star Jay Park