Sunny Wong is the powerhouse behind Hong Kong’s dance scene. His talent was recognized at the age of 17 when he joined a dancer course at TVB, Hong Kong’s first wireless commercial television station. For over 30 years, his influence has permeated through live concerts, television performances, halftime shows, and music videos. 

Wong’s choreography talent sprung Hong Kong into the conversation surrounding Asia’s entertainment scene. Major media organizations tapped him to arrange significant performances, such as TVB's 10th anniversary celebrations on Hong Kong's return to the motherland, and the Miss China and Hong Kong campaigns. 

A strong proponent of dance, theory, and stage performance, Wong dedicated himself to training the new wave of dancers in Hong Kong. In 2007, he formally established the Sunny Wong Dance School. By providing formal dance and performance arts training, Wong aims to use the school as the formal bridge for young aspiring dancers to join the entertainment industry.


Notable Events Choreographed

  • Aaron Kwok Forest Dance World concert
  • Always Andy Lau World Tour
  • Alan Tam Galaxy World 40 Live World Tour
  • Li 玟 East 2 West World Tour Concert
  • Kelly Let's Celebrate! World Tour Concert