With a multi-platinum album, a #1 box office hit, and years of sold out concerts—Raz-B is undeniably weaved into the fabric of superstardom. The co-founder and member of B2K was just a teenager when he got his first taste of fame. While many artists find comfort in racking up awards and an international fan base, the Cleveland-born singer and actor has stretched his success around the world through creative and strategic partnerships.

As a result, Raz-B founded his own production company, RazBeats Entertainment. He also founded DJ Central China in 2016, an official label and distribution partner of the Sony Music Entertainment subsidiary “RED MUSIC”. During his tenure, Raz-B has expanded the brand’s digital footprint to over 100 outlets, a feat that requires years of cultural adaptation, understanding, and cooperation.

Despite B2K’s breakup in 2004, Raz-B leveraged his profile to find success in business and music independently. And his solo efforts are a testament to his passion for music. In 2007, he released his hit single “Fire”. Using only his company’s resources, “Fire” debuted at #2 on Billboard’s R&B charts. Raz-B has worked with several artists and actors over the years, including P. Diddy, Rick Ross, Fatman Scoop, Meagan Good, Jensen Atwood, and Nick Cannon.


Notable Recognitions and Awards

  • 3-time BET award winner, including Viewer’s Choice and Best Group
  • Billboard music award winner
  • 3-time Soul Train Music award winner, including Best R&B/ Soul album by a group

3-time MTV Video Music Award nominee