An entrepreneurial spirit extended around the world, Paulo provides the international business development expertise needed for athletes to plant their roots in China with 90 plus. Based in Porto, Portugal, Paulo aims to integrate the football culture into the Chinese market, and to improve the nation’s sports ecosystem.

Paulo has 15 years of experience in corporate development, growth strategies, and change management. He believes human resources are the bedrock to thriving businesses across all industries. With exceptional levels of commitment, analysis, and performance, Paulo has replicated success across several sectors such as tourism, health, music, and sports.

In 2015, he co-founded OncoStats, a medical technology startup that improves the way oncology care is delivered. Paulo currently serves as the executive director at Connect4Global, an international advisory firm that provides market-entry assistance to businesses in Europe and Asia.

With such an eclectic work history, his insights are especially attractive in an increasingly globalized market. Paulo has been sought by Portuguese-speaking television shows like Sociedade Civil, RTP, RTP Africa, and RTP International. He has also been featured in the Jornal Economico.